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Everything goes a little bit differently at Rebels, and we like that. Therefore, we make sure that you have everything necessary to be successful within your role, so that you can focus on being a Rebel.

We know that nothing changes as quickly as technology, and we like to develop along with it. We hope our future colleague can recognize him or herself in this way as well. Just like us, you are aware of the latest technologies, frameworks, and many other exciting things.

At Rebels, we work in an informal yet professional environment. We like to work as efficiently as possible and therefore use Scrum. If you run into a problem, you can always brainstorm with your colleagues who, undoubtedly, will have their own ideas on the matter.

We deliver complete software solutions and are always going a step further from design to full implementation.

Company Culture

  • We believe in growing together with the right people.
  • We have seven different nationalities working within Rebels, which creates a nice international atmosphere.
  • We believe that we are never done learning.
  • Sharing knowledge is something we enjoy almost as much as our Friday afternoon drinks.
  • We work in the centre of Amsterdam (easy to reach for everyone!).
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Why Rebels?

  • Young, wild & free

    Rebels consists a group of young and ambitious people. We love to take everything a step further, where most people would stop. Ready to do something fun? Everyone is in. Friday = “funday”, sharing knowledge and enjoy the Friday afternoon.
  • Founded in 2019

    Rebels is a start-up with international ambitions. With a vision to enhance tech knowledge and make it reachable for everyone, we love to conquer the tech-world in a rebelion way. A young company with sky-high ambitions, always a good combination.
  • Personal development

    We love to grow, as individuals and as a company. Why not grow together and benefit. With our personal development plans we make sure you get where you want to be as soon as possible. Share your ambitions and we’d love to help. Classic win-win situation.
  • International culture

    The atmosphere at our company is very international and informal. A combination of challenging and fun at the same time, we are a driven group of individuals that work hard and also enjoy having a laugh together. With colleagues from all over the world, we are an exciting group of people with multicultural backgrounds.